But I haven’t always been.

Sexuality was something I had learned to contain in all aspects of my life. In my body, in my expression, in my relationship… My sexuality was something that came to life only in the bedroom with partners. And even then, the sex that I would ‘perform’ didn’t feel like my own.

My sexuality was smothered, entangled in limiting beliefs generated by a lifetime of negative messages about my body.

The truth is - I felt unsafe to be a sexual woman. And I had no idea how to become one. Without the opportunity to nurture & discover my sensuality, I felt as though my sexual maturity was one of a 16 year old.

This disconnection had impacted the way in the way in which I related to everyone in my life. In particular, I would find myself judging other women for being more sexual that I was, and the insecurity that stemmed from this impacted my relationships.

I was tired, numb & over it.

So I decided that I’d had enough.

See, I had long had a suspicion that there was more for me. An inner knowing that this didn’t have to be my experience.

I wanted to feel exquisite in my own body. I wanted to feel powerful in my sensuality. I wanted to feel like the unapologetically luscious woman I knew was underneath this cloud.

And it was from this place inside of me, that I started my Sexual Liberation.


I’m Michelle Kasey.

I freaking love my job.

I work with individuals intimately to come home to their vibrant sensuality & to unleash the power of their sexual authenticity.

And I work with couples to co-create revelatory intimacy & connection together, & to create transformative containers of conscious communication.

My mission is to shine a light on your path of erotic rediscovery. For you to feel a love for your body & a reverence for your pleasure, that shakes you at a soul level.

I’m so happy you found your way here amidst your virtual travels. Welcome.

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I have been working with people since day one of my career. I’m also a champion pole dancer & multi-disciplined creative.

After locking down a couple of degrees (BA & BCom - Psychology, Commercial Law & Politics) I built myself a more traditional career that opened in employment law & closed in senior human resources. During these years of coaching leaders & teams, I developed many of the skills I use as a coach.

Since my teenage years, I have moonlighted as a performer. I ran away with the circus in New York when I was in my early twenties & continue to teach & perform regularly locally & abroad. Whilst I have dabbled in dance, theatre & film, my longest loves are pole dancing, fire, burlesque & circus.

I am an eternal student. And have been committed to dedicated sexuality study for many years. I am a graduate of the revered certification programme ‘The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality’ where I majored in female sexuality & relationship transformation. I am continuously entwined in further study & prioritise my own embodiment practices so that I am always teaching from a place of integrity & authenticity.

You can learn a lil more about me here.