Sexual Liberation is knowing & honouring your authentic sexual needs & desires, without the burden of guilt, shame or judgement of what’s morally correct, or socially expected.

You found your way here because you have an inner knowing that there is more. A suspicion that you’re only connected to a fraction of your erotic power. An intuitive sense that perhaps there is magic to be found in reclaiming your sexuality.

You desire to feel the wholeness of your body, the succulence of your sensuality, the power of your eroticism.

What would it be like?

To feel your full capacity for orgasmic bliss. To liberate the exquisite pleasure in not just your clitoris, but your entire body!

To feel a revolutionary kinda love for yourself? One that opens you up to connect with others like never before.

To be able to connect with your authentic sexual expression - not one you feel you are ‘supposed to’ play.

To feel safe & powerful in your sexuality. Step into sexually empowered womanhood.

To be able to fully let go in the bedroom! Tapping into your wild, primal prowess!

To feel consistently rooted in happiness, joy & aliveness! And release shame, guilt, judgment & expectation.

But you feel disconnected.

You are not alone. So do the vast majority of people. So did I.

Your unique life experiences paired with social, familial & perhaps religious conditioning have created layers that stand in the way of your sexual wholeness.

You might experience numbness, pain, or isolated pleasure… You might subtly (or not so subtly) be at war with shame & fear… You might feel blocked, but not know what exactly is standing in the way… You might desire for more & not know how to get there…

I want to guide you into your sexual renaissance.

We all have a deep & abundant well spring of sexual power inside of us.

I believe that our eroticism is an integral & potent piece of our wholeness. I believe that to feel this connection in your body is your birth right.

But I also want you to know that you are not broken. In fact, I believe that we are all born with an inherent sexual wholeness, that cannot be taken from us.

I want to offer you a safe & intimate space, where you can bring all parts of yourself to gentle processes that will reawaken (or perhaps awaken… or perhaps liberate) your sensual essence.

There is a myth, that because sex is natural, it shouldn’t require any practice… this isn’t true.

Just like you had to learn how to speak… your sexuality craves the same guidance.

I am deeply passionate about the work that I do.

Working closely with folks to liberate the brilliance of their sexuality.

I want you to feel a revelatory sense of connection - to your body, your pleasure, & to others.

I want you to feel reverence for your eroticism. I want you to feel the juiciest heights of your pleasure. I want you to know your incredible deliciousness.

My work honours the fact that no two humans are the same & we all have different truths and desires.

My coaching draws on my years of sexuality & psychology study, my extensive career working with people, & my own personal journey of sexual liberation.

I will be working with you creatively & collaboratively, to understand the nuances of your sexual experience & author a new sexual story that will guide you into your unique desires. I will always work at a pace that is right for you.


I change peoples lives

“Working with Michelle was one of the best decisions I have made for my life. I was so incredibly nervous to begin, but Michelle made me feel so comfortable and so at ease. She makes you feel like you are truly being heard and understood, offering wisdom from a place that is both educated and from the heart. Working with Michelle I never once felt there was anything I couldn’t talk to her about, nothing felt off limits. In just three months she has made a lasting impact on me and how I chose to present myself and orchestrate my life, I couldn’t have done it without her guidance. I would recommend working with her in a heartbeat.” - R M, United States

“Working with Michelle was absolutely life changing, taking the time to work on myself was the best decision I ever made. The practice in between sessions really helped to move forward quickly and the tools Michelle gave me, I will use for a lifetime. I feel like I have discovered a part of myself I never even knew existed.” - K C, Tauranga.

“Working with Michelle was an investment I wanted to make in myself and my marriage, and it was more than worth it. She is empowering, compassionate, has a wealth of knowledge, and each and every session helped me so much. It's honestly the best thing I've ever done for myself.” - E B, Auckland.

“I cannot speak highly enough about Michelle, in the few months we worked together we traveled the depths of my emotions, expectations and confusion over feminine and masculine. Riding my consciousness of the toxic thoughts that once got in the way of my being. Creating new pathways and understanding to join the dots of yin and yang. Forming a greater understanding of my sexuality and what it truly means to be me. She has the ability to guide you through these different aspects and pieces of yourself, really getting to grips with the things that matter. Then aiding you through meditation and weekly practices. Giving you the tools to redefine yourself and be at peace. Bringing a new calm to my mind, body and soul & just a little bit of sexiness along the way. I will be forever thankful of Michelle’s tenderness and strength, to spend this time working on myself has been truly priceless.” - N D, Auckland.

“Michelle has changed my perspective in a matter of weeks. I think of myself with so much more respect and love and worthiness. We set out three goals and I feel as if we smashed all of them! It's an amazing feeling sitting alone with Michelle. She is such a calming and positive energy, some might say motherly. I don’t at all regret our time together as I came out of our sessions a better version of me, ready to take on what ever life through at me with a positive attitude. We went so much deeper into my past than I ever thought I was capable of going. There were some tears and I always felt safe and accepted.” - K B, New Zealand.

Working With Me

I work with my clients in a way that is intuitive, celebratory & body-based. We will work together closely for a minimum of two months.

Our adventure together would include dialogue, guidance through inner processes to move through old wounds or stagnation, body-based in session & home play practices to integrate the work & support sustainable growth towards your goals.

The Sexual Renaissance journey includes:

  • Weekly or fortnightly 60 minute online video conference sessions to explore your desires & experiencing deep embodied practices to realise those desires & address anything that’s standing in the way

  • Playful & creative home play practices tailored to you, to transform your relationship to your mind & body, & to create an inner ecology where love, safety, pleasure, empowerment & aliveness are at the fore.

  • In depth post-session notes to re-cap & detailing home play practices so that you can be fully present in the sessions without having to remember too much.

  • Access to me by text on my personal number

  • Email support between sessions to support your accountability, motivation & clarity.

  • Personalised book/article recommendations & resources

We can meet virtually from anywhere in the world!

You can attend our sessions from the comfort & privacy of your own space.

Our work together is an investment. I want to guide you into the kind of forever transformation that I know you really want. But that relies upon your emotional, energetic & financial commitment.

The clients I accept are those who are ready for long lasting change, will show up for themselves, will prioritise their practices & will reach out to me if they are encountering resistance.

If this is you, I’m ready.

*Payment plans are available.


I’ve got you.

I always tell my clients that there is nothing they can share with me that will make me judge them. And I really mean it.

I can hold you in your tender vulnerabilities & the depths of your emotions. I’ve got you with nothing but compassionate love & complete understanding.

I will never push you into anything that feels unsafe & will always honour the power of your ‘no’.

Our journey together isn’t all about diving into your shadow.
Celebration & play are potent medicines & a crucial part of what we will be creating together.

I want you to cat walk out of our programme with a deeper understanding of yourself, a liberated sexuality & tools that you will use for a lifetime.



Ready to take the first step?

Fill out the form & click the link that appears to book a free one hour Discovery Call. Here we can talk about what it might be like to work together & feel whether we might be a good fit.


Michelle is a highly skilled coach that knows how to navigate the waters to true client transformation. Each session felt carefully crafted and customized specifically towards my needs. She coaches in a way that helps others to feel heard and seen in their personal power. Michelle has a unique blend of softness and strength that helps one to embrace their vulnerabilities, yet feel powerfully led, in this transformative coaching experience. I highly recommend her work to anyone ready to make a life-changing and powerful investment in themselves.
— MB, Australia.

Know that you deserve it

It can be hard investing in yourself… and even harder investing in your sexuality.

It has been my experience over and over again, that when you feel the deliciousness of your erotic wholeness, everything else in your life thrives.



If you have any questions, I would love to hear from you -