If you want to know a few random fun facts about myself, you have come to the right place

I am a born & raised Kiwi, who gets her tan from Samoa (Mum) & her love for chocolate from Switzerland (Dad). I have an un quench-enable curiosity for all things sex, love, relationships, bodies, culture & psychology. The likely result of my conservative upbringing & rebellious mind.


A few fun & random facts about me:

  1. I met my fiancé Chris in New York whilst working for a circus five years ago. He is an incredible acrobat, juggler & builds horse floats for a living. He has a Scottish accent paired with an incredible set of blue eyes that make my heart quiver.

  2. I live in Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa (that’s Auckland, New Zealand in our indigenous tongue). I love my home & the sun, sand & snow that we are gifted with.

  3. I identify as a queer femme, with an obsession with silk, velvet & statement earrings.

  4. When I’m not studying, creating content, self practicing, in a class, or in a session you can find me in the studio training pole dance or my latest movement love. And if I’m not in the studio, I’ll be out in nature, with my loved ones, deep in a podcast or buried in a book.

  5. My self care go to’s are: meditation, breathwork, self pleasure, time with Chris, Netflixing, dancing my soul out, or taking a visit to my favourite vintage store.

  6. I have won two national pole dancing titles.