the SEX GODDESS connection


This is a journey of sexual liberation.

A journey of owning your pleasure.

A journey of deeply knowing yourself.

A journey to move through jealousy, expectation, discomfort & disconnection.

And it takes place in a powerful healing container of sisterhood.

I want you to know that you are enough. Exactly as your are. Right this very moment. But I’m guessing you have found your way here because you desire more. Fuck, yes.

Women who want more for themselves inspire me daily. Because I know how much we come up against when we think about giving to ourselves. We have been told to be satisfied with scraps for so long, that wanting more can bring up all kinds of resistance within. I am so glad to see you here.

The Sex Goddess?

I love working with archetypes. And the Sex Goddess is one of my favourites. It's as aspect of myself that I am so glad that I invested the time, energy & money into understanding & unleashing. It’s an aspect of self that I know is within all womxn by birth.

Before diving into my own mind, body & soul around sexuality, I had a vision of what a ‘sex goddess’ was. It was a Hollywood vision of a smooth skinned, size eight seductress who was the socially perfect ratio of ‘slutty & respectable’ & could full body orgasm from four pumps of a penis letting out a siren’s call of orgasmic pleasure that magnetised men across the land.

Sex Goddess-ess looks & feels entirely different from what I thought it was 'supposed to'. To me, a Sex Goddess, is a womxn who:

  • Intimately knows her pussy

  • Is in ownership of her pleasure

  • Understands & feel empowered to speak her yes's, no's & maybe's

  • Practices radical self love & seeing the truths about her body & sexuality

  • Can truly relate to the women around her with a sense of celebration & grounded personal power

  • Knows how to get out of her head & connect deeply with her pleasure

  • Has moved through…..

The Logistics

Officially commencing Saturday the 4th of May, this is a ten week group coaching exploration of the Sex Goddess within you.

  • Each week, on NZ time Saturday 9am, we will meet over Zoom (video conference) for a 90 minute interactive coaching call (an additional call at NZ 7pm Mondays may be added depending on enrolment size). These calls are recorded & sent to your inbox, for the times you can’t make it.

  • Each week, I will send you practices & home play so you can explore the work.

  • You will also join (if you like) our Secret Facebook Group where Michelle will offer support & have access to additional support through email & one on one ‘check in’ sessions.

The investment $997 up front OR three monthly payments of $333

This a powerfully transformative programme, that will connect you to aspects of mind, body & soul that shake you to the core. This is a full permission, safe space. The meaning of which will make more & more sense to you as you move through this journey.

Bring your fears & vulnerabilities to the consultation call & the call. Know that they are valid & will be held with incredible tenderness.


client love

“Michelle is a highly skilled coach that knows how to navigate the waters to true client transformation. Each session felt carefully crafted and customized specifically towards my needs. She coaches in a way that helps others to feel heard and seen in their personal power. Michelle has a unique blend of softness and strength that helps one to embrace their vulnerabilities, yet feel powerfully led, in this transformative coaching experience. I highly recommend her work to anyone ready to make a life-changing and powerful investment in themselves.” M.B, Melbourne.

“Working with Michelle was absolutely life changing, taking the time to work on myself was the best decision I ever made. The practice in between sessions really helped to move forward quickly and the tools Michelle gave me, I will use for a lifetime. I feel like I have discovered a part of myself I never even knew existed.” - K C, Tauranga.