This is a pussy-felt declaration to all my ladies & femmes.

We have got to stop making men responsible for our sexual self worth.

As if our pussies are only valid because of their pleasure. 

As if our desirability only exists through their eyes.

We have got to stop habitually denying our pleasure.

We are allowed to receive as much as we give, & more. 

Our bodies were deliberately crafted for us to experience pleasure. 

We have got to stop letting partners know our bodies better than we know them ourselves.

We have got to stop believing that it makes us less respectable & worthy of love.

We have got to stop believing that to take up sexual space, is to offend.

The permission is ours. 

It is time to cultivate a powerful sexual relationship with yourself 

It is time to unlearn all that blocks you from feeling like a whole, worthy & sexual woman. 

I am legitimately buzzing as I write this, because I have something incredible exciting a foot.

She is un-regrettable & unforgettable.

She is kicking off the first week of September.

She is called:


Starting on September 7th

You will receive:

  • Six masterfully led, 90 minute weekly group interactive sessions hosted via video conference at 10:00am Saturdays - NZ standard time (more times may be added) (if you want in, but this time doesn’t work, apply & let me know)

  • One powerful 60 minute private session with me (normally $300)

  • Access to a private Facebook community that I will nurture with generous support & expertly curated resources

  • A toolkit of transformative audio practices that you’ll carry for a lifetime

  • Complete access to me by email & messenger

  • Passionate accountability support

* Limited to 8 womxn only

The investment - 3 payments of NZD$300

Made in August, September & October.

Or you can pay NZD$900 upfront if that’s how you roll.

All from the privacy, convenience & comfort of your own home, because we make all of this magic using our tech! So you can join from anywhere in the world.

If you are terrified of investing of yourself , I hear you. It’s uncomfortable to trust yourself, to trust that you will get results & to trust in my work.

I want you to know that you deserve it.


A taste of what’s to come


Building a foundation of no bullshit Self Love & Self Care

I’m not talking about that fast food, gaslighting kinda self love & self care that pervades the ‘gram & makes you feel like shit for not completely loving yourself. I’m talking about restoring connection & trust in the body & tapping into the love flame that already exists in your heart, in a totally revelatory & no expectations kinda way.


Creating an inner ecology of Safety & Belonging

Safety & belonging is a powerful antidote to the pleasure constraining limiting beliefs we absorb from the world around us. This week is all about tenderly bringing light to the beliefs, emotions & physiological blockages that dampen your vibrant sexuality.


Sensuality is healing

Connecting with our five senses, through sensual awakening, as the delicious in-roads into the body. You will learn how to connect with the sensual woman that already exists inside of you, as a way to get out of your head & party with your erotic self.


Knowing yourself like no other

With curiosity & play at the forefront, this week is all about getting to know your body & your pleasure like never before. Understanding & experience will bloom your erotic confidence, which will unfurls the heights of your pleasure. I will offer you a generous & deeply informed education on your incredible pleasure anatomy, & guide you to understand the uniqueness of your erotic network & sexual temperament.


Feeling radically worthy & deserving of pleasure

It’s time to expand your capacity for pleasure, by exploring how your relationship to worthiness & deservingness is fascinatingly relevant. I will take you through processes that elevate your mindset, emotions & somatic layer, so that you can live your most turned on life from a place of “I am worthy, I deserve it”.


Orgasmic reclamation & expansion

Let’s reclaim all that brings you pleasure, busting all the lame, pleasure dulling myths that prevent you from getting out of your head & being present in your body! I will generously share my absolute favourite tools to transition into potent sexual ownership, where your ‘yes’ will grow bigger than it’s ever been before.



Healing as a sisterhood

Some of the most profound sexuality healing I have experienced, has taken place in a powerful container of sisterhood. This course is exclusively for a small circle of women & femmes.

Now, you might read this with a sense of hesitation (or perhaps many). I totally understand. We are taught to keep our sexuality behind closed doors & under the wraps of ‘appropriateness’. It can feel really stirring to think about entering a space that doesn’t subscribe to these social limitations.

Which is exactly why it is immensely healing, in & of itself, to do this work in a circle of women & femmes.


I want you to know

I will meet you exactly where you are at, with zero judgements & no expectations

I will show up as best I can to create a safe space for you on this journey & that I have years of facilitation experience under my belt

Confidentiality will be paramount & held as sacred for all participants

Your tender vulnerabilities & the full spectrum of your emotions are magnificently welcome

That you really fucking deserve to invest in your sexuality & your pleasure


Praise for my work

Working with Michelle was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my life. I was so incredibly nervous to begin, but Michelle made me feel so comfortable and so at ease. She makes you feel like you are truly being heard and understood, offering wisdom from a place that is both educated and from the heart. Working with Michelle I never once felt there was anything I couldn’t talk to her about, nothing felt off limits. In just three months she has made a lasting impact on me and how I chose to present myself and orchestrate my life, I couldn’t have done it without her guidance. I would recommend working with her in a heartbeat.” - R M, United States

Working with Michelle was absolutely life changing, taking the time to work on myself was the best decision I ever made. The practice in between sessions really helped to move forward quickly and the tools Michelle gave me, I will use for a lifetime. I feel like I have discovered a part of myself I never even knew existed.” - K C, Tauranga.

“Working with Michelle was an investment I wanted to make in myself and my marriage, and it was more than worth it. She is empowering, compassionate, has a wealth of knowledge, and each and every session helped me so much. It's honestly the best thing I've ever done for myself.” - E B, Auckland.

“Michelle is a highly skilled coach that knows how to navigate the waters to true client transformation. Each session felt carefully crafted and customized specifically towards my needs. She coaches in a way that helps others to feel heard and seen in their personal power. Michelle has a unique blend of softness and strength that helps one to embrace their vulnerabilities, yet feel powerfully led, in this transformative coaching experience. I highly recommend her work to anyone ready to make a life-changing and powerful investment in themselves.” M B, Melbourne.

My Sexual Self, photographed by The OscarMike Project.

My Sexual Self, photographed by The OscarMike Project.