When we open to pleasure, we open to pain

“When we open to pleasure, we open to pain.”
I have offered these words, in varying iterations, to every single one of my clients.

Each time, they are met with a reaction that I would best describe as ‘acknowledgement + discomfort’.

Our lives lead us to develop uncomfortable & disempowering relationships with our emotions.

We are taught that sad = bad.
Anger = bad.
Fear = bad.

So each time these emotions are stirred within us, they can be accompanied with a second layer of feelings & stories.

I’m sad... & over emotional.
I’m angry... & irrational.
I’m scared... & weak.

Processing the complexity of these feels about feels about feels, can totally drain our energy. Plus, the fuel light for our energy resources is often already on red.

So, our body-mind seeks to protect itself by disconnecting us from our emotions. Sometimes a little.
Sometimes a lot.

Why is this relevant when we are talking about pleasure?

Because our emotional sensitivity is one big mains switch!

There aren’t individual buttons to turn off the switches for sad, mad, & afraid; whilst keeping the lights on for pleasure, joy, aliveness & bliss!

When we turn away from our pain, we turn away from our pleasure.

*takes deep belly breath*

It can feel really unsettling to thing about acknowledging our pain. I really want you to know that this process is one that requires your loving slowness.

As your first step, I invite you to recycle the beliefs you carry on ‘negative’ emotions. Are they truly negative? Truly? Really, really?

What if your sadness was wise.
What if your anger was genius.
What if your fear was a vital signalling system.

What if you could experience these feelings free from the second layer of emotions & stories that came with them?
What if your emotions were just energy & sensation in your body?

How might that look or feel?

I invite you to comment below & let me know how this lands with you. I totally love hearing from you!


Michelle Kasey