Uncovering your deepest hungers

I have been thinking a lot about wanting. About what it means to be desirous as humans.

It is damn hard to acknowledge (or even identify) our realest, deepest, most hungered for desires.

To want, is to be vulnerable. It’s risky. We don’t want to open ourselves up to the hurt that allowing our wanting might bring.

Because, what if we don’t get it? What if we lose it? What might that mean about us? What if our wants are bigger than our lives can hold?

Not having the orgasms we long for, hurts more not having the latest technology.

Not being seen by others in the way we crave, hurts more than not having an Instgrammable wardrobe.

Not feeling connected to our lovers in the way we hunger for, is more painful than not having the slickest homeware.

So we allow ourselves to want what feels safe.

Which is so often what we are told we ‘should’ want. The house, the car, the career, the wedding, the wardrobe, the weekends, the wine… People profit off telling us what to want & whilst it feels safer to chase the dragon of consumerism & capitalism, these short lived hits don’t leave us feeling satisfied or enough.

I want you to know that you are allowed to want. You deserve to have desires.

Looking after our needs is oh so important & gets us to our baseline. Looking after our realest wants, gets us to true satisfaction.

I invite you to explore these questions… You are even invited to comment & share them with me!

> What emotions do you have on giving yourself permission to have wants & desires?

> How & where do you police your wanting?

Something that is so important to me in my work, is that I don’t tell people want to want. I hold the space, take you through processes, give you the tools & reflections that guide you to see & then realise your own deepest hungers. Because ONLY YOU have your unique experiences & wisdoms - & I believe that these are your riches.

If you are curious about what it looks like to work with me, get in touch via hello@michellekasey.com.