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When we open to pleasure, we open to pain

“When we open to pleasure, we open to pain.”
I have offered these words, in varying iterations, to every single one of my clients.

Each time, they are met with a reaction that I would best describe as ‘acknowledgement + discomfort’.

Our lives lead us to develop uncomfortable & disempowering relationships with our emotions.

We are taught that sad = bad.
Anger = bad.
Fear = bad.

So each time these emotions are stirred within us, they can be accompanied with a second layer of feelings & stories.

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Breath your way to ecstacy

I want to share with you the magic of a straightforward practice that can transform your experience of sex (which absolutely includes self pleasure).

Conscious breathing during sex!
It's yummmmyy.

It opens you up to more pleasure.
It brings you into connection with your unconscious & subconscious mind.
It facilitates a flow of erotic energy throughout your entire body.
I love this tool because it's simple, powerful & easily accessed - with a little practice.

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