Touch your genitals with LOVE

Have you ever touched your genitals with an intention of love?

My professional & personal work reflects that embodied love is the foundation for sexual thriving. 

Given this, it’s funny that we generally only touch our genitals for hygienic or sexual reasons. 

So I love to touch my pussy with love. 

Connecting with her, as the sacred & powerful part of my body that she is. 

A part of me that has been subjected to a swarm of untrue messages of not looking/smelling/tasting/feeling how she’s ‘supposed to’.

A part of me that needs & thrives off of love. 

I want to share with you a super simple practice that has been helping me in this exploration... 

Hold your genitals (whatever they look & feel like) with love. 

Cocoon them with your hands.

Be still. 

Beam love into your flesh. 

Breathe with them. 

And if you can’t feel love per say… don’t sweat it... keep practicing. Just holding this invitation for your body mind is transformation work it & of itself. 


Michelle Kasey

Michelle Kasey