Here’s How To Renovate Your Relationship With Your Pleasure

Living a pleasure filled life will not corrupt you.

And again, so it sinks in before you keep on scrolling...

Living a pleasure filled life will not corrupt you.

But I reeaaaally understand why you think it could...


The church taught us that it was sinful to seek pleasure; and our language around pleasure is still permeated with negative associations.

If you are like most folks, pursuits of pleasure that extend past the constraints of your ‘pleasure comfort zone’ triggers inner conditioning around selfishness & immorality.

We are a society that is afraid of pleasure.

I want you to know that filing your life & your body with pleasure, will not corrupt you.


It will soothe you.
Satisfy you.
Heal you.
It will make you more creative.
And it will absolutely empower you.

Do you keep pleasure at an arm’s length in your life, for fear that it’s immoral to receive ‘too much’ pleasure?

Do you possibly even identify around it?

I did.

“I’m a giver”
“I’m generous”
“I’m motherly”
“I’m just simple”

My pleasure cup used to be about the size of a shot glass.
Now, it’s the size & feel of a flower adorned, luxuriously scented bath tub under the stars.

One of the ways that I made this renovation (& am still expanding with) is by training my body to feel that it’s safe to experience pleasure.

Each time I feel that pleasure dulling inner conditioning being triggered, I FEEL myself as safe.

My body as safe.
My mind as safe.
My soul as safe.

I whisper to myself….

“I am safe"
“It is safe to have pleasure”
“It is safe to receive”

I invite you to do the same when you feel yourself at the edge of your ‘pleasure comfort zone’.

Why? Because over time, this will rewire your neuronal pathways to genuinely feel pleasure as safe. And with practice, this will become your default.

I invite you to practice this inside & outside of the bedroom.
Because everything is connected.

And because you really, really deserve to experience your life’s pleasures.

Let me know how you go & if you have any questions at all. You know I totally love hearing from you.

With much love,

Michelle x