Breath your way to ecstacy

I want to share with you the magic of a straightforward practice that can transform your experience of sex (which absolutely includes self pleasure).

Conscious breathing during sex!
It's yummmmyy.

It opens you up to more pleasure.
It brings you into connection with your unconscious & subconscious mind.
It facilitates a flow of erotic energy throughout your entire body.
I love this tool because it's simple, powerful & easily accessed - with a little practice.

I'm curious - can you recall how you breath during sex? Comment below & let me know!

If you are like most people, you have never really thought about it & that's because most of the time, our breathing happens involuntarily. Without us even thinking about it happening. 

But breath is also subject to our conscious control! Meaning that we can grab a hold of the reigns & harness it if we choose to. 

For most folks, when they aren't thinking about breathing during sex, they breathe faster, as their arousal increases. Kind of like their arousal is pulling their breath along. Some folks also find themselves holding their breath during sex. 

What's groovy, is that by breathing a little deeper and/or a little faster than the speed of your arousal, you can actually coax your turn on along, inspiring more pleasure in your experience. Woohoo!

Now, you don't want to go way over the top & force a breath that is way past your level of arousal in each moment. Instead, you want to breath at a level that is just a wee bit in front of your turn on.

Then... wait until your turn on catches up... slightly turn up the volume on your breath again... and repeat! Like you are climbing a glorious stairway to orgasmic heaven!

Don't get too in your head about a perfect breathing formula. Just play! Breathing through your mouth, or your nose!

Because there is a relationship between your throat/mouth & your pelvic floor/genitals, breathing through an open & relaxed jaw is a more primal pathway that, with a lil practice, facilitates a flow of erotic energy throughout your entire gorgeous body. 

Have a sexy breathing play & feel into what fits right for you!

Enjoy, Lovers.

Comment below & let me know how you go! I always love hearing from you.

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