b l a c k m a g i c

The OscarMike Project

Saturday 16 March 1pm

2 - 2.5 hours | $97

Altitude Pole South Auckland

Awaken your original essence & greater presence to your movement with MKs powerful & highly sought after Black Magic Masterclass.

In this workshop, Michelle will guide you through powerful processes & techniques to call forth your highest self. Pulling from her unique & comprehensive experience in pole dance, movement, theater, sacred sexuality & beyond - Michelle will invite you to use your body, voice & energy in profound & innovative ways all contained in a space of divine sisterhood.

Bringing these intentions to flow choreography, you will learn how to express your own unique performative presence and take up space.

Knee pads/covers and socks are recommended. Heels are welcome, but not essential. Wear what makes you feel alive in your body.

All levels are welcome. This is a sacred space exclusively for women/femmes. 15 spaces only.

This workshop is taking place at Altitude Pole South Auckland


Here’s what some of the Black Magic alumnus have to say about this workshop

“Black Magic brings women together and evokes and embraces our unique vulnerabilities. We came as women and left as sisters. We were exposed but powerful, delicate but strong, we yelled and we danced but most of all we were the embodiment of our inner Goddesses. I can’t thank Michelle enough for taking me down that path, she ignited something within me, within us all that we didn’t realise was there. This is an experience every woman should have.” - Charlotta Passe, 2018.

“Michelle was incredible. This workshop opened my eyes to so much and I can’t thank her enough for that. Michelle will make you feel comfortable and confident to speak your truth, she will provide opportunity for you to be your honest open self in an amazingly safe environment. I 100% recommend this workshop.” - Anne Strange, 2018.

“Michelle’s Black Magic uses conversation and choreography to delve into each individual’s inner psyche. You share what you want to share in a safe space with your sisters; nothing is expected of you. But buyer beware: you will be compelled to express your mind and body in ways that free your soul. Michelle teaches techniques that you can take with you to draw on in times where you need an extra nudge of confidence. Or just when you want to be your most delicious, diva self. Over time, we’ve learned behaviours that are called in to question at Black Magic. We’re often told that we shouldn’t offend people by saying ‘no’, so we all found our own powerful ‘NO’ voice and ‘NO’ walk. We learned to identify where we are now and who the goddess is that we want awaken within ourselves, and how to access her while staying authentic to ourselves. The group dynamics become electrifying, supportive. Tears, laughter, pain, healing. MK is definitely a witch. And you should definitely immerse yourself in her Black Magic.” - Kate McBangs, 2018.